​​Sleep better and help improve your posture at the same time! This pillow helps support your cervical spine, upper thoracic spine, and shoulders. My side sleepers will find this pillow helps reduce jamming of the shoulder, straining of the neck and reduced overall pain and tightness in those muscles. My back sleepers will find this pillow supports your neck muscles, upper back, jaw and supports nasal passages allowing you to breathe better and fall asleep easier. An added bonus, it helps reduce snoring! In my office, I measure patients to make sure they are ordering the correct size for optimal results. 

​Pro-Tip: Measure from your neck to the end of your shoulder and follow the chart attached to that link. If you fall outside of any of those parameters, go smaller and use a folded bath towel to place under the pillow to get the desired height. 




​We work and focus a lot on improving our posture ​through exercises, stretches​, conscious and active work.
A lot of my patients ask what they can do to further ​improve posture but also keep it in the forefront of their mind so that they were constantly working on it. Aside from doing the 'homework' which consists of exercises and stretches done daily (all 'homework' is catered and created for each patient based on their lifestyle), I recommend a posture corrector for those of us who are on a computer for most of the day or need to help improve form during workouts and anything in between. 

Pro-Tip: ​Wear the posture corrector while strength training/free weight lifting to get muscles to end range of motion, isolating the muscles you are focusing on even more for optimal stretch/strengthening. 


I love this piece of equipment! Aside from rolling out tight or spasmed muscles, I show patients how to use it to work on improving posture by increasing range of motion and stretching muscles that are usually tough to work through. The second link/picture is a more high density trigger point roller. If you have more dense muscle mass or just more than normal degrees of muscle knots/spasms, then this knobby roller is for you! Not only will the foam roller help reduce muscle tightness, it also helps create intersegmental traction which means it is stretching your spine and the ligaments that support your spine which in turns create even better range of motion and decreased tightness/aches/pains! And did I mention the added bonus of improving your posture!!!

Pro-Tip: Purchase the firm foam roller that is about 3 feet in height as it lasts longer, can be used in multiple ways, as it's best for targeting all the muscles, thus making it a more wise investment financially. This is a winner, on all accounts! ​


You probably have already heard about collagen peptides or have seen it, it has definitely become more popular in the past couple of years! I recommend this product to patients who suffer from joint and muscle pain.You can add it to tea, coffee, green juices, smoothies, and so much more! It is a great supplement for getting your recommended protein intake for the day. Added bonus, it makes your skin look amazing! Collagen helps with the strength and overall health of your skin and an even sweeter added gives your skin an amazing glow!  ​


A few of my favorite things!
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All of Dr. Shilpa's favorite things all in one place!

​Hey ya'll! Welcome to the Texas Chiropractic Connection Shoppe! This is where you will find all the things I refer my patients to for their stretches, exercises, diet/nutritional needs, wellness needs, and even just random things they see in my office that they like! From health to home and so much more, this is your one stop shop to making your lifestyle easier! If there is anything you want to see more of or have questions about, just email us at
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FYI: Dermal rollers are known for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and tightening the skin, but did you can be used to help with draining sinuses and lymphatics allowing you to breathe better and look less puffy!   
FYI: Check out our Pro-Tip for using analgesics on our BLOG​!

​​​​​​​I'm pretty basic in my work out gear: black t-shirt or sweatshirt, black high-waisted leggings, and FUN shoes! I add my personality to my makes me feel good and motivates me to hit the gym. I'm also known to make this my work uniform on occasion...all the time...everyday...hahaha! Below are some of my favorite work out shoes that are super supportive for your feet (especially those with flat feet or those who suffer from plantar fascitis) and leggings that are super supportive and complimentary for all shapes and sizes (I usually opt for a 7/8 or crop length for a longer/leaner look)! 


Fight the Virus:
For you and everyone around you!
 Stay healthy, Stay strong, Stay safe!

​​Wash your hands with soap and hot water, cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough, stay away from those that  are sick, sanitize yourself and everything around you...everywhere you go!

***Scroll up to see the link to my favorite antibacterial hand sanitizer by Hello Bello that's safe for all ages!***
Home Gym!
Make the best out of any situation! Wether your local gym is closed or you are cozying up in the comforts of your own are a few things to get your home gym and your body up and running! 


My Guide to getting in shape for 2020

look better - feel better - move better - live better​

We are all feeling the effects of quarantine and social distancing...especially our muscles! This guy right here will help break down those tight and achy muscles, help you get to moving around easier and back to relaxing a little easier!